5 of our Favorite
Plant Vessels
A few modern and atypical ways to display our favorite decorative accessory.

I’ve never seen a room that couldn’t benefit from a little greenery. The organic, sculptural forms add new dimension to any space, and are a fool-proof way to inject an understated bit of color to a room.

So now you have the plants, but what do you put them in? If you’re tired of those old terra cotta clay pots, check out some of our favorite vessels for highlighting nature’s works of art.

 Case Study Bullet Planters, $150–$370

Case Study Planters

Produced in Los Angeles and inspired by sleek lines of mid-century modernism, these ceramic planters by Modernica are at the top of our list. Made from high fire stoneware with a matte glaze, they’re made to withstand the elements, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and stands, they make great bookshelf fixtures, or can add some extra height to your floor plants.

 Cylinder Planter With Walnut Stand, $115-$189
 Bowl Planter With Plinth, $189–$249
 Apex Planter With Metal Stand, $125

 Iron Planter Box, $299

The Plant Box

Tall and slender in shape, the plant box is a perfect way to fill that sliver of empty space in the hallway or entry way. Because of their height, they can also make great room dividers, especially when used as a pair.

 Concrete Planters, $37-$229

Concrete Planters

We’re big fans of how concrete has made its way into our homes. The modern, industrial material strikes the perfect balance when placed alongside a living, breathing plant. These Danish-designed beauties are especially lovely when displayed together in a range of colors and sizes.

 Iron Plant Stands, $44-$54

Iron Plant Stands

These retro-inspired plant stands have been favorites of ours for a while. They’re a great way to add height to a leafy, low-lying plant, or make that fledgling little cactus feel a lot more grand.

 Hanging Stoneware Planters, $67

Hanging Planters

Out of space on your countertops? Try suspending your plants mid-air with a set of hanging stoneware planters. There’s no better way to display the draping vines of an ivy, or the creeping fronds of a staghorn fern.

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