6 Essential
Bathroom Upgrades
We’ve found the better-looking counterparts to unsightly bathroom basics.

I’d guess you’ve never given much thought to the look of your toilet brush or toothbrush holder…While these objects may seem mundane and purely utilitarian, collectively, they make the difference between a pleasant and a depressing bathroom. Upgrade your morning routine and check out our 6 favorite products that offer handsome alternatives to boring bathroom basics.

 Menu Towel Ladder, $450

The Towel Bar

Ditch your default stainless steel towel bar for a more creative option – like this Towel Ladder by Menu. Made from steel and oak, it’s a well-constructed, practical piece of furniture that can offer extra storage in the bathroom or beyond. It’s especially useful if you need additional space for guest towels, getting dressed or even as a drying rack.

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 Norm Bath Series, $40-$225

Containers & Supplies

Who ever thought that a trash bin could be so sleek? Sharing clean lines and a characteristic rounded base, the Norm Bath Series offers a touch of Scandinavian minimalism to the bathroom. Made from plastic and steel, the collection is both hygienic and user-friendly, without any sacrifice to style.

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 Adnet Circular Mirror, $1399

The Mirror

Whenever a mirror is present, it inevitably becomes the focal point of any room – even more so when it’s a veritable work of art. Designed by Jacques Adnet, the Adnet Circular Mirror is our favorite alternative to the standard bathroom mirror. Originally produced in the 1950s in collaboration with luxury French brand Hermès, it features exquisitely constructed leather details inspired by equestrian aesthetics.

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 Riviera Garment-Dyed Terry Towels, $12-$78

Bath Towels

Try something different from your standard white terry towels. Garment dyed in rich, natural colors for a washed, vintage look, Matteo offers some of our favorite options for the bath towel upgrade.

Another favorite is the Turkish Fouta. Offered in a range of unique patterns and colors, these textured and tasseled towels are lighter-weight and faster-drying than their terry alternatives.

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 Houndstooth Towel Collection, $21-$72

The Bath Mat

No one likes the feeling of a cold bathroom floor tile – but nor do they like the look of a microfiber mat. Consider a Turkish fouta bath mat (the same varietal as the aforementioned towels). The traditional patterns and decorative tassels look more like a handsome area rug, than a drab door mat.

For a powder room where the floor is less likely to be doused with water, you can also consider a true area rug. A flatweave can offer a bold pattern to the space, while a natural fiber can add an extra bit of texture – both options very easy to maintain.

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 Grid Shower Curtain, $115

The Shower Curtain

A decent-looking shower curtain is incredibly hard to find (something you never realize until you actually start looking). Our recommendation is the Grid Shower Curtain designed by the Scandinavian studio Ferm. Made from 100% cotton and backed with an acrylic coating, the look is polished and simple, but still thoroughly waterproof.

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