7 Steps Toward
A Better Bathroom
7 low-investment steps toward that well-appointed washroom you’ve always wanted.

The bathroom should be among the most sacred rooms in the house. It’s the first place we visit in the morning and our very last stop at night – where we enliven ourselves for the long day ahead, and where we unravel before a well-deserved rest.

But then why do so many home bathrooms feel more like outhouses, than relaxing spa retreats?

Fortunately, a nice bathroom doesn’t need to require a full-scale renovation. To help start and end your day on a much better note, we’ve outlined seven low-investment steps toward that well-appointed washroom you’ve always wanted.

 Linen Chambray Bath Towels, Starting at $46
Luxurious Linens

Be sure to leave a good impression with your guests by investing in a quality set of towels – ones that are soft to the touch, but also make for great decor.

We prefer the look and feel of linen or North African Fouta towels over traditional terry cloth. They’re lightweight, but highly absorbent – in other words, they take up less space, and dry much quicker than their cotton terry counterparts.

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 Black Soap Set, $28
Some New Suds

We suggest losing the plastic dispenser, and going old school with a handcrafted bar of soap atop a simple concrete tray.

We’re big fans of modern-day artisans bringing soap back to its original bar form. One of our favorites is Seattle-based Blackbird’s May 18th Black Bar Soap, inspired by the scents of the Pacific Northwest.

A Clean Countertop

Keep your countertop tidy by investing in a proper set of receptacles. At minimum, you’ll need a dish for your new bar soap, alongside a holder for your toothbrush and another bowl to catch messy ephemera like cotton balls, Q-tips or matches.

We personally love the modern and utilitarian look of concrete in the bathroom. And this Swedish-made set by Iris Hantverk is fused with plastic to hold up even better against moisture.

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 Towel Ladder, $450
Stylish Storage

Time to tear down the toilet paper mountain and dismantle the growing mound of magazines. Invest in a set of stylish storage containers to keep your bathroom organized, while adding another hint of character to the room.

For your surplus stock of toilet paper and towels, we suggest wire baskets, wooden crates, or well-designed laundry baskets. And for those who enjoy a good read on the loo, a magazine stand is definitely in order.

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 Hanging Stoneware Planters, $62
Get Some Green

A little greenery can liven any room, the bathroom being no exception. Choose a few smaller, low-maintenance plants that’ll fit nicely on your countertop or windowsill. But if you have the space, free-standing plant stands would be an even sleeker touch.

Another great option is to hang a staghorn fern in the unclaimed space above your toilet. The tropical plant – with its wild, antler-shaped fronds – thrives best in humid environments, so the steam from your hot shower is just what it needs!

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 Ronde Pendant Lamp, $319-$539
Brighten The Space

Your day should start with a burst of bright light – even if it is artificial. Make sure your bathroom is sufficiently lit, and add another light source if the overhead lamps aren’t enough.

Think beyond traditional wall sconces and really go for style. Try hanging a set of sleek pendant lamps from the ceiling, or if space permits, you can even mount a dramatic swing lamp to the wall.

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 Forma Candle Set, $98
Freshen Up

Lastly, I hate to sound crude, but a bathroom is only as nice as it smells. First thing’s first – ditch the Glade plug-in or aerosol can, and upgrade to a more sophisticated scent.

We recommend artisan-made candles with masculine notes, like leather, cedar, tobacco and myrtle. They’ll leave your bathroom smelling fresh and fragrant, without being too flirty or floral. One of our newest favorites is from our friends at Bower. They’ve paired a hand-poured cedar candle with complementary stand, handcrafted from corian, brass and maple.

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