Born in 1924 in San Sebastian, Spain, Chillida is best known for his iron and granite sculptures, as well as an expansive body of etchings, lithographs, and woodcuts. The artist worked within abstraction, linking shapes and forms that played with concepts of light, landscape, and space.

Chillida was known to have had an intimate relationship with his artworks, playing a hands-on role in the production with a team of blacksmiths and other artisans.

We've selected a series of lithograph prints from Chillida exhibitions from the 1960s-1980s. Represented by Galerie Maeght for much of this time, the prints are of varied ages and qualities, many of which used as advertisements from specific gallery exhibitions.

To pay homage to the artist, Spanish rug manufacturer nanimarquina translates the works of Chillida's drawings into rugs. Chillida’s artistic nuances have been faithfully translated - woven using various techniques and a range of natural materials like wool, silk and mohair.

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