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Designed decades ago by some of the most prominent designers of the 20th century, these pieces remain as innovative today as when they were first introduced.
At TRNK, we are constantly inspired by the cutting-edge, contemporary designers whose works we have the pleasure of carrying on the site. Whether through their innovative use of materials, form, or construction techniques, these designers are pushing boundaries and continuing to evolve the discourse on design.

Perhaps even more inspiring, however, are those designers who – decades ago – developed bold creations that remain as innovative today as when they first introduced. We have the pleasure of carrying many designs that fit this description, all of which are authentic, licensed productions, made to the designer’s original specifications.

We wanted to highlight several of these designs from our collection and share a bit about their design history with you.


The Paulistano Chair
Designed By: Paolo Mendes da Rocha

Designed In: 1957

An icon of Brazilian mid-century design, known for its outstanding comfort and visual lightness, the chair was originally designed for the lounge of the Athletic Club of São Paulo and was inducted into the MoMA’s permanent collection in 2007.


The Atollo Lamp
Designed By: Vico Magistretti

Designed In: 1977

An iconic symbol of Italian modern design, distinct in form and internationally recognized.


The Penguin Chair
Designed By: Ib Kofod-Larsen

Designed In: 1953

Drawing its name from the playful shape of the seat back, the chairs are manufactured in Denmark from premium wood veneers, steel frame, and aniline leather upholstery.


The Grasshopper Lamp
Designed By: Greta Grossman

Designed In: 1947

The Grasshopper, made up of an aluminum conical shade resting on a tubular steel tripod stand, is both sophisticated and unobtrusive and remains Grossman’s most iconic design.


The Taccia Lamp
Designed By: Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Designed In: 1962

The Castiglioni brothers often created designs that challenged our perspective, and the Taccia, which gives the illusion of an upside-down hanging lamp, is an inspired example of that.


The Pedrera Coffee Table
Designed By: Barba Corsini

Designed In: 1955

Originally designed for Gaudi’s “La Pedrera” building in Barcelona, Corsini leaned on Gaudi’s architectural designs for inspiration – the base of the table inspired by the building’s vaulted ceilings.


The Parentesi Lamp
Designed By: Achille Castiglioni & Pio Manzù

Designed In: 1971

Parentesi was named for the parenthesis symbol—a visual reference to the nickel-plated shaped tube that lives on a floor-to-ceiling steel tension cable.


The Cobra Lamp
Designed By: Greta Grossman

Designed In: 1950

One of Grossman’s most recognizable designs, the Cobra lamp is a recipient of the Good Design Award and has been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


The 62 Series Collection
Designed By: Greta Grossman

Designed In: 1952

Considered ten years ahead of it’s time, Greta Grossman’s 1952 design collection was aptly named the “62 Series,” and is made in Denmark from walnut wood with delicate ball feet and knobs.


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