Designed & Manufactured in USA
Partnering with a manufacturer based in South Carolina, Workstead produces all of their fixtures in the US. Using high quality brass, oak, steel, and stone, they strive to design pieces with a strong, yet simple materiality. In 2016 the studio relocated much of their practice to Charleston, SC to be closer to the factory that produces their lighting collections.

The Industrial Collection
Tapped for their spirit of casual luxury, the firm was commissioned to design the public spaces for the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg in 2012. In an effort to create comfortable spaces that were tied to the history of the old industrial building, they used the project to develop their now signature Industrial Collection, which consists of shaded fixtures with articulated joints and exposed cords.

The Lodge Collection
The newest collection from Workstead, the Lodge Collection was inspired by pieces developed for the Rivertown Lodge in Hudson, NY; the firm’s first top-to-bottom hotel project. Housed in a 1920s movie theater turned 1950s motel, the team wanted to reinvigorate the space with contemporary pieces, combined with original fixtures from the motel. The collection pairs solid oak casings with brass accents for a mix that is luxurious, yet understated.

The Orbit Collection
Perhaps our favorite collection from the brand, the Orbit Collection combines brass and stone into unique planetary combinations. Each piece consists of an exposed bulb with orbiting brass shade, allowing you to control the intensity of light by positioning the rotating arms.

The Signal Collection
Designed and tested in their new home in Charleston, the Signal Collection is all about subtlety. Hand-blown opal shades rest at the ends of simple brass supports. Adjustable pull-chains add a refined touch, allowing you to turn the fixture on and off with a tactile tug.

The Spool Furniture Collection
Inspired by late 19th century British military campaign furniture, the Spool Collection is constructed using series of turned solid wooden posts and pegs in cherry, white oak, or walnut woods. Consisting of a sling chair, ottoman, side table, and coffee table, the pieces function well in sets, or as stand alone pieces in the room.

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