The Process
While each piece is always carefully hand-crafted, Bob’s process is never static. The artist is always exploring new and unexpected ways to add texture and dimension to his works. One of his now signature techniques is the application of texture through hand-stamping or carving, creating relief motifs using everyday tools, like a flathead screwdriver. He’s also mastered the use of recycled clay - combining scraps with new clay to create a uniquely almond-colored product and a subtle texture of iron speckles.

The Artist
Based in the Bay Area, Bob Dinetz is actually an established and acclaimed graphic designer. Admitted to the Alliance Graphique Internationale and having worked with clients ranging from Apple to NYT, the designer recently decided to try his hand at a new medium. Developing an investigative and problem-solving approach to design through his work in art direction, Bob has applied a similar train of thought to his work with ceramics. Ever-evolving his style, shapes, mediums and technique, his work shows an incredible amount of range, even despite his relatively short career.