How To
Style A Masculine Bed
A stylish set of products that stretch far beyond the bedding aisle basics.

This story was originally published on GQ as part of our series, “Homework with TRNK”.


Assembling an equally stylish and cozy bed can be a bit of a head scratcher. There’s nothing particularly dapper about floral bedspreads and frilly duvet covers, huh? Nor is there anything remotely thrilling about the stacks-on-stacks of non-differentiable white linens that line most bedding aisles.

While the solution may seem less than obvious, that’s no excuse to leave your bed unadorned. Your overnight guests will undoubtedly take notice, but more importantly, you’ll rest much more soundly atop a sumptuous set of sheets. And when not in use, your bed should be able to hold its own against the rest of your stylish abode – leaving no reason to keep the bedroom door perpetually closed.

To help get you started, we’ve assembled a stylish set of products that stretch far beyond the bedding aisle basics. Follow our four easy steps to an updated and masculine bed!

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Layer 1: The Sheets

When it comes to selecting a set of sheets, just keep it simple. We suggest sticking to a classic set of white, or layering tonal shades of heathered grey, if you’re feeling adventurous.

We’ll let you in on a little secret though – thread counts can be deceiving! The metric simply refers to the number of threads woven together in a square inch – a number often inflated by using multi-ply yarns. Pay closer attention to the the quality of cotton. Long-staple fibers, like Egyptian or Pima, produce the finest, smoothest weaves. With the right quality fibers, a 200-400 thread count should be pretty solid. Anything higher than 600 should raise a few eyebrows.

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Layer 2: The Bedspread

Again, we like to keep it simple. Choose a comforter, duvet cover or coverlet in a neutral color like white, grey, or navy. You can’t go wrong with a solid color, but we wouldn’t be opposed to an understated pattern, like a subtle herringbone.

If you opt for a duvet, be mindful of the fill. Down, which comes from the inner plumage of the bird, is the softest and most expensive. It’ll vary in price based on the fill-power. A higher fill-power offers a lighter and fluffier down, along with a higher price. If you prefer a denser feel, go for a fill-power of 600 or below and pocket the savings. You can also find feather, synthetic or even wool options to suit any budget.

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Layer 3: Express Yourself

I know that we’ve bored you terribly with our repeated “keep it simple” spiel, but here’s where you can start to get creative. Rather than searching high and low for a patterned bedspread, just dress it up with another, eye-catching layer.

Camp Blankets

One of our favorite ideas is to add a camp blanket made by one of America’s centuries-old woolen mills. It’s hard to find this level of quality in anything these days – but these blankets will literally last a lifetime and only get better with age. Rather than lay them out across the length of your bed, fold neatly across the foot so that the pattern does not over-power.

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Throw Blankets

Smaller than camp blankets (and generally woven with finer wools or unique stitch patterns), look for throws that play with pattern – like stripes, herringbones, or block-printed geometrics.

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Quilts have made a comeback! Updated in modern. geometric designs, or unique over-dyed techniques, quilts are no longer decidedly dowdy. Find one in a bold pattern, rich color or interesting texture to drape at the foot of your bed.

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Layer 4: Throw on a Throw Pillow

In addition to the pillows where you rest your sleepy head, throw on a few patterned throw pillows just for decoration. It’s more than okay to mix and match across patterns, but if you’re in doubt, just stick to a single color story.

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