Constructed in 1921, "La Pedrera" is one of modernist architect Antoni Gaudí's most famous buildings. Located in a residential quarter of Barcelona, the building was controversial at the time of because of its undulating stone facade, twisting wrought iron balconies, and otherworldly rooftop.

In 1955, Barba Corsini renovated the loft space within the building - transforming it from a storage facility into 13 beautifully-designed apartments.

To complement the modernist architecture, Corsini custom-designed furniture for the space, including the now iconic Pedrera lamps and table.

He leaned on Gaudi’s architectural designs for inspiration – the base of the table and lamps inspired by the building’s vaulted ceilings.

Made from solid pieces of bent steel or brass, the collection merges the modernist impulses of Gaudi with Corsini's reductionist approach to design.

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