Small Project Series
The Entryway
A few unique ways to create a more considered entryway.

It’s the very first thing guests see when they walk into your home. But more often than not, it’s treated as an afterthought (if even that). And aside from being an eyesore, an unconsidered entryway = untapped utility. To help you make better functional and decorative use of this under-utilized space, we’ve pulled together a few ideas that can be executed in no time.


The Entry Bench

After walking through NYC’s mucky (albeit charming) streets, the last thing I want to do is traipse the city’s grime through my apartment. For shoe-free folk like me, the designers at Norm Architects came up with the sleek and slender “Meet Bench.” With its small footprint, the bench doesn’t clog up my entryway and it’s a lovely place to sit, take off my shoes, and reset.

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 Console Tables

Console Table

When I’m running late, there’s nothing more frustrating than digging around a cluttered drawer, searching for my swallowed keys or lost shopping list. The Copenhagen Tray Table solves this removing the drawer and putting your ephemera to be out in the open. It forces you to become more organized, but you’ll thank yourself as you rush out the door each morning.

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A Mirror

If there’s one thing I use without fail each morning, truthfully, it’s my mirror. Whether I’m taming a rogue curl or making sure I have no evidence of breakfast in my teeth, it’s an essential last step before heading out for the day. One of my personal favorites is the Adnet Mirror. Originally designed for Hermes in the ‘50s, this handsome mirror transforms any space with its circular shape and handsome leather details.

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 Coat Rack

Coat Rack

New York is currently experiencing winter whip-lash after a tease of beautiful weather. Unfortunately, not yet time to put away those bulky winter coats.

But don’t make your guests drape their nice jackets over a dining chair or carelessly throw it over your sofa. A coat rack is an understated, non-intrusive way to add some extra storage. And when the winter months finally draw to a close, use it to display a decorative hat or your favorite bag.

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Entry Rug

Last, but not least, every entry way most definitely needs a small rug. This final touch greets your guests upon arrival, but more importantly, prevents footprints from tracking all of your floors. Opt for something low maintenance – like a flatweave or a natural fiber – and place it either at the door, or underneath your entryway bench.

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