San Francisco, CA
“Photography affords me the opportunity to delight in the richness and drama of the everyday world. It is thrilling to use this tool as a means of connecting not to exotic locales, but to the spaces most often passed over.”
New York, NY
“The lines and textures of modernist architecture and abstract paintings have been my main source of inspiration. I love the contrast between a masterfully designed and executed piece of architecture, that at some point represented progress and the future, and capturing them now, seeing how they stand the test of time and the elements.”
Los Angeles, CA
"I’m inspired by personal perception—finding meaning, whether real of imagined, in the things and scenes we see around us. It’s wonderful to find and capture something you consider beautiful and be able to not only share that with an audience but then have some of them force a connection with the work, too. I’m also fascinated by the juxtapositions of nature and the man-made built environment and try to depict that in my diary photographs and landscapes."

San Francisco, CA
"I turned to collage from the stop animation work I was doing on 16mm film. This was mainly because as a full time art teacher, and mom to two young boys, I found that I could create collages in short bursts, as opposed to the long stretches of time that were required for animating. With collage, I can still tell stories and create narratives by cutting and pasting, though now it is paper and not celluloid. I also love collecting paper ephemera, and as a collage artist I can justify my collecting!"

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