Last year, Dixon was on the lookout for a new apartment, one that could house low-key mornings and evenings entertaining friends, and found it in Stuyvesant Heights, the landmark leafy section of Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood.
Pedrera Coffee Table,$979–$1079

The wood trim and hand-carved doors, a stunning surprise upon entering the space, counteract some of the brightness the tall windows supply. So Dixon grounded the space by using a subdued palette and deliberate accents: levity achieved.
IC Pendant, $525–$695
His sofa is the result of a collaboration with his TRNK business partner Nick Nemechek—a prototype of the “Truss” sofa that just launched in the TRNK collection—which rests atop an ivory wool rug from Loloi.
There are textural elements and eclectic punctuations in the room, too, but they’re always clean and uncluttered—“Everything has its own line of sight,” Dixon explains.
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  • Not restrained necessarily but tasteful and au courant. I’d love a coffee au lait with Tariq (and Nick). Luv those guys

  • Rory

    Any idea where Tariq’s shirt in the top photo is from? 😛

  • Antonio Anguiano

    where to purchase the desk bookshell? I can’t find it in trnk catalog.

  • Francisco Diego Verdad

    So, this is what we’re calling a “studio apartment” nowadays? That’s almost as comical as calling the clothes that some insufferable, mustached, $7 a cup coffee drinking brooklynite wears to the office each day “workwear.”

    Speaking of those types, what’s with that? You definitely see a hell of a lot more waxed canvas, flannel, and wedge soles than you’ll ever see on any construction site, drilling rig, or machine shop. All these soft, delicate handed, androgynous dudes decked out head to toe in what they think a real man is supposed to wear. It’s ridiculous. What’s with these effeminate “guys” who haver never even changed their own oil, let alone really “worked” a day in their life spending 300 dollar for a pair of “work” boots, 400 dollars for a “work/ranch” jacket, and 80 dollars for a t-shirt because they think it makes them look like they actually have a little bit of testosterone pumping through their body?

    IT DOESN’T! I thought you dainty little flowers were educated? You all seem to have college degrees in sociology, communications, liberal studies, etc….I figured those fancy degrees would have made you a little more perceptive.

    Those thousand dollar outfits don’t actually make you look like a rancher/welder/machinist/iron worker/etc….at all. Instead, they just make you look like a sad imposter that is really just ashamed of the delicate little lives you sweet things lead.

    • Jeffery Campbell

      You seem nice. All macho and all. Enjoy your bow legs.

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