The Guide to
Selecting Your Sheets
Find the perfect set of sheets for the season, your style, and your budget.
Want to know if thread count really counts? Or what set will actually keep you cooler during those hot summer nights? From percale to sateen, we demystify the world of bedding, and help you select the appropriate set for a perfect night’s rest.
Cotton Sateen
“The smoothest and most sumptuous, with a subtle hint of sheen.”
  • Seasonality: A sheet for all seasons.
  • Maintenance: Delicate. Treat with care.
 Cotton Sateen Bedding, Starting at $84
About the Fabric
Regarded as the ultimate luxury in bed linens, cotton sateen is coveted for its silky smooth finish and its subtle sheen. Unlike other weaves, which have an equal number of threads running in both directions, sateens feature more vertical threads than horizontal. In other words, a sateen weave will have fewer intersections, and ­thus less friction, giving the fabric its sublimely soft feel.   Our Sei bedding by Matteo boasts an impressive 600 thread count and is as sumptuous as they come. Thread count simply refers to the number of threads woven together in a square inch. In theory, more threads should equal a finer yarn, but often times, that’s not actually the case. Manufacturers often inflate thread count by running additional parallel threads or by using multi-ply yarns, without actually improving the quality of the weave. But not to worry – that’s certainly not the case here. Matteo’s Sei collection is even more soft and supple than we make it sound.
Cotton Percale
“Crisp, cool and long-lasting – The greatest value and versatility.”
  • Seasonality: All seasons, but especially perfect during warm months.
  • Maintenance: Highly durable and low maintenance
 Tru 400 TC Percale Bedding, Starting at $80
About the Fabric
Perhaps the most versatile of all bedding options, cotton percale is a crisp and cool fabric that gives the most satisfying crinkle with your touch. Its lightweight texture comes from a one­-to­-one weaving pattern with an equal number of horizontal and vertical threads. Percale is often made using shorter fibers, combed to give it a clean, smooth finish.   Due to its weave, percales are among the most durable and long-­lasting of all bedding options. When quality is considered alongside cost, a percale set, like the Tru Collection by Matteo, offers the biggest bang for your buck.
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“Effortless and timeless – the most breathable and luxurious.”
  • Seasonality: A summer staple.
  • Maintenance: Requires a bit of extra tenderness and care.
 Matteo Vintage Linen Bedding, Starting at $44
About the Fabric
Soft and breathable, with a vintage look and feel, linen sheeting is an excellent choice for warm, humid nights. Linen actually has a natural cooling effect that absorbs heat, so perhaps you’ll no longer need to set your AC to 62° every night?   Furthermore, its matte finish and visible weave allows for a rustic, time-honored look. Matteo, the LA­-based manufacturers of our Vintage Linen bedding, recommend that you wash and dry linen sheets in low heat and remove them promptly from the dryer to avoid wrinkle mayhem. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t fret about it too much – a few wrinkles are part of its cozy, vintage charm.
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Washed Cotton
“An inviting, vintage look – the most practical and affordable.”
  • Seasonality: All seasons.
  • Maintenance: Casual and everyday
 Vintage Cotton Bedding, Starting at $51
About the Fabric
So you’re sold on the look of linen but a little tentative about committing to the price and amount of care? We’d like to introduce you to our Vintage Cotton option – an affordable bedding set that offers a similar look to linen, but with a much lower price tag. If you’re looking around for the thread count, you’ll come up empty-­handed on this one – that metric only applies to percales and sateens. This fabric is woven using wider yarns and a looser weave, so its hand is more similar to a linen than super-fine cotton sheeting. But rest assured, this cotton set is entirely sleep-able. The fabric is made from 100% cotton and is garment-washed to create a feeling that’s warm, soft, and familiar, much like your favorite cotton t-shirt. For those wanting to diversify their bedding collection without emptying their wallets, the Vintage Cotton set is a great way to try something new. With its easy care and casual look, it’s sure to become a permanent fixture, and perhaps a new favorite.
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