Emblem Copper Candlesticks
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“Inspired by Italian design of the 1980’s and traditional American colonial candlesticks, these solid copper candlesticks fuse modern with a vintage twist.”
Made of a series of the same components, these pieces are threaded together in different configurations to create a graphic silhouettes. The base of each candle stick is finished off in leather to prevent scratches on furniture. These products are handmade and slight variations will occur between products. The candles are designed and produced by Hudson, NY-based studio, Hawkins New York.
Origin: India
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+  Dimensions
Small Copper: 5" H
Medium Copper: 8" H
Large Copper: 10" H
+  Materials
+  Notes
The finish will develop a unique patina as it oxidizes. Dust with soft cloth and when needed wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.
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Emblem Copper Candlesticks
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