“Pila” Vases
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A cleverly designed series of vases, whose profiles change based on your angle of view.
Inspired by stacks of books, these ceramic vases are designed to resemble as series of stacked concentric circles. Given their asymmetric design, their shapes appear to change, based on the viewer’s perspective. Available in two sizes that work perfectly together as a pair.

Produced in Italy by Atipico.
Origin: Italy
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+  Dimensions
Large: 13.4"H
Small: 10.6"H
+  Materials
Grès porcelain stoneware
+  Notes
Designer: Zaven
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“Pila” Large Vase
+  Dimensions
In Stock. Estimated ship date: 4/29-5/6

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“Pila” Small Vase
+  Dimensions
In Stock. Estimated ship date: 4/29-5/6

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