“Taccia” Small Table Lamp
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A smaller version of the classic Taccia Lamp, originally designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962.
Although its name is taken from the Italian word for “silent,” this table lamp is anything but quiet. Despite it’s size, this lamp produces a wonderfully soft light (perhaps the reason behind the playful name). The light can be controlled by adjusting the concave spun aluminum reflector and hand-blown glass diffuser, which sit atop the extruded aluminum base. The lamp has an LED bulb, and is available with an anodized aluminum or black-painted finish.

Originally designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962, this authentic design is now produced in Italy exclusively by FLOS.
Origin: Italy
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+  Dimensions
Height 19.1"
Base: 5.6"ø
Canopy: 14.7"ø
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+  Materials
Aluminum, plastic, glass
+  Available Colors
+  Notes
  • Lamp (Bulb) Description- 1 Cob LED 2700K 1290lm CRI92 16W
  • Voltage- 100-240V
  • Switching- Dimmer switch that provides ON-OFF functions and 10-100% light adjustment withmemory
  • IP Rating- IP20
  • Cord Length- 74.80", Black
  • Weight- 9.37 lbs
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About the Designer
Achille Castiglioni
Milan, Italy
Known for designs that were both playful and purist, Achille Castiglioni’s rare perspective makes him one of the most celebrated designers of mid-century modernism. He’s also among the era’s most prolific, having produced over 150 objects during a career that spanned more than half a century.

Castiglioni began his design career at a studio founded by his two older brothers Livio and Pier Giacomo. A student of architecture, Achille was perhaps more fascinated by seemingly mundane, found objects, collecting anything from beer cans to bicycle seats. His philosophy was simple - “Start from scratch. Stick to common sense. Know your goals and means,” he would say. For Castiglioni, the result was often a complete change in behavior of an object, or the use of an unexpected, often industrial material.
Start from scratch. Stick to common sense. Know your goals and means.
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“Taccia” Small Table Lamp
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