Vintage Berber Rug
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A one-of-a-kind, handmade rug, individually selected in Morocco.
Lovingly woven by hand amid the breathtaking scenery of Morocco, these unique rugs are carefully selected by rug purveyor Justin Vorel. With a dedication to preserving the tradition of carpet weaving, Vorel searches far and wide for the perfect rug to elevate any living space.

Shipped directly from Morocco, each rug features exquisite craftsmanship and is created with a unique appreciation for art. This particular wool and cotton rug features an amazing burst of true red color, perfect as an eye-catching focal point for any living space.
Origin: Morocco
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+  Dimensions
5'3" x 9'3"
+  Materials
Wool & Cotton
+  Notes
Each rug has been cleaned and repaired before shipping. However, please note that this rug is a vintage piece which means there may be slight imperfections and crookedness to its shape
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Vintage Berber Rug
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