3 Unconventional Ways To
Fill An Empty Wall
The answer may not always be wall art…

If you’re still scratching your head about what to do with that big, blank wall in your home, maybe it’s time to think outside of the box. While the obvious answer would be to fill it with framed wall art, there are a few less conventional alternatives to consider. Take a look at our 3 creative ways for making a bold, focal statement with a big, empty wall.

 Sphere String Lights, $210-$1290
A Dramatic Light Fixture

For a minimalist solution with an eye-catching impact, Michael Anastassiades’s String Light system is a perfect choice. Cleverly designed to allow for an endless number of arrangements and your own creativity, the single pendant does the work of a full gallery of art. It’s a quick, yet an intriguing solution for filling an entire white wall, and harkens to the minimalist styles of artists like Robert Mangold or Sol Lewitt.

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 Handmade Minimalist Quilt No. 1,$425
Tapestries as Art

A beautiful, handcrafted tapestry is undoubtedly a work of art, but rarely are they treated as such. Consider taking that vintage rug off the floor or that hand-sewn quilt out of the linen closet, and give it a rightful place on your wall. In addition to their unique patterns and textures, the other great benefit of hanging tapestries is their size. The large piece can stand alone – making a bold, dramatic statement without the help of additional artworks.

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 Matégot Dedal Book Shelf, $379
Sculptural Shelves

Perhaps your wall needs another dimension? One alternative to two-dimensional wall art is to opt for a wall-mounted shelving unit. One of our favorites is an architectural design by mid-century designer Mathieu Matégot. The single unit can be replicated several times over to create a unique, geometric pattern. The shelves themselves have such an interesting design, that they actually don’t require much additional styling – a couple of small vignettes of books and objects will do the trick!

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