Our Philosophy

Our ideal home is considered, yet approachable. It feels collected, not decorated. We’ve hand-picked a unique assortment that together strike this rare balance - a contemporary home, rich with contrast and character.

Our Process

By foot, by plane and by keypad, we scour the world for exceptional products, designed by established and emerging talent alike. We then carefully edit for cohesion - to create a collection that can live together in a single home. The common characteristic is not origin or notoriety, but an undeniably rare and special quality unique to that product.

Our Commitment

We spend time with our products, studying each to ensure that it meets a high standard of materiality and construction. In the end, we only feature those we truly believe are aligned in price and quality, many of which will last you a lifetime. We also maintain a steadfast commitment to authentic, original design (meaning, no copycats).