The Artist
Based in Montreal, architect and sculptor David Umemoto holds a degree in architecture from the the Université Laval. For the past 15 years, he’s worked on a range of design projects across a number of different mediums, most notably concrete sculpture. His experience in handcrafting was heightened in 2010, after spending a year in Asia to experiment in woodworking, engraving, sculpture and metal casting techniques.

The Process
Each sculpture and modular building system begins with a series of sketches. While the artist conceives and visualizes each artwork in its 3D form, he constructs a series of molds for the sculpture’s negative space. While designing molds for negative space is a common construction process, Umemoto is amazingly able to do so without ever prototyping the positive form.

The Inspiration
Umemoto’s artworks are based on the theory that there is a universal order. “Molecules, cycles, ecosystems - order is the norm and chaos an accident.”

His building systems are an exploration of the patterns and codes that govern our environment. Each system is meticulously designed to allow modular elements to be interchanged and transformed. Though governed by a rigid set of rules, the systems still allow for organic development.
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