Small Project Series
The Bedside Table
A few simple steps toward a well-appointed bedside table.

The first in a series of new posts, we wanted to tackle small design projects around the house and provide tips on how to help put finishing touches on some oft-forgotten areas of your home.

The bedside table is essential to the start of each morning and the end of each day – I’d say it’s deserving of a little attention, no? Fortunately, a well-appointed nightstand shouldn’t take up too much of your time, and makes for an easy project to knock out in an evening or weekend morning. Check-out my favorite ways to create a functional and considered bedside table.


The Nightstand

I’ve been guilty of allowing clutter to collect in the drawer, so this time, I’ve opted for a set of end tables rather than a traditional nightstand. I fell in love with the versatility of these ‘Guido Tables’ by Italian company Atipico. Not only do they nest, but they’re sturdy enough that that I can lean a small stack of books for nightly reading.

If you still need a place to collect your keys, change and other ephemera, you could also top off your table with a catch-all tray.

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 Table Lamps

The Table Lamp

The JWDA Lamp is generally one of my favorite table lamps, and it’s especially perfect for a nightstand. The built-in dimmer switch allows for bright, ambient light when needed, and can be dimmed to a faint glow for when you’re preparing to retire for the evening. If you’re short on table space, you can also consider a wall-mounted task lamp – (our favorites being the Crane Lamp or the Industrial Wall Lamp by Workstead).

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A Vase for Greenery

Green = serene. I think every bedroom can benefit from a touch of greeny. A vase for flowers (or in my case, a monstera leaf snipped from our office plant) is a nice simple addition that can breathe some life into your bedroom. Consider size here though – you don’t want anything too large that you could risk knocking over when you go to hit snooze.

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My new secret to reaching peak relaxation after a long day – the “8pm” incense by Cinnamon Projects. With notes of carnation, leather, mahogany and tobacco, the perfectly balanced scent helps to calm my nerves and to instinctively unwind. The accompanying “Circa” burner is equally genius — the semi-circular basin collects any ash, meaning quick and easy clean-up.

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 Wall Art


I like to keep my bedroom pretty minimal. For me, it creates a calm and serenity that helps me ease into the day. I had been eyeing this Dubuffet lithograph for a while, and decided to snag it from the site earlier this year. Its small size was the perfect fit for above my bedside tables – its unassuming, but does a great job of balancing the space.

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A Plush Rug

In my humble opinion, there are few things worse than waking up and your feet hitting a cold, hard floor. I recently picked-up a vintage Berber rug – they are super plush, and especially appreciated during these cold winter months. Also, their generally long and narrow dimensions make them the ideal shape to run along bedsides.

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