4. Wall-Mounted Shelving

Again, the key to comfortably living in small spaces is freeing up floor space. If you need a little space to display to books, knick knacks and family photos, try a simple a wall-mounted shelf. It’ll provide some extra surface area, without requiring any square footage, and can also be a nice way to decorate that otherwise bare wall.
3. Small Accent Tables

A coffee table isn’t the only way to go. If space is tight, we like to suggest a cluster of smaller accent tables over a single, large coffee table. They offer far more flexibility - you can use them as side tables, move them around when entertaining, some can even function as extra seating.

And it’s even better when they nest. Just tuck them away when home alone and pull them out when guests arrive.
2. Wall-Mounted Lighting

In small apartments, there’s no commodity more precious than floor space. One way to free up a few more square inches is to opt for wall or ceiling mounted lights over floor lamps. They may require a tiny bit of handiwork to install, but those few screws can free up space for an accent table, more seating or just some breathing room.

We even found one that doubles up as an end table. Clever, huh?
1. Apartment Sofa

As we were planning our photo shoot at Nick’s apartment in Brooklyn, we realized that our 3-seater Truss sofa literally wouldn’t fit in his living room. It became obvious that the problem wasn’t unique to Nick, so the apartment-sized version of our Truss sofa was born!

Our apartment sofa is just 10 inches shorter, which can make all the difference in tight quarters. When designing the sofa, we opted for a single bench cushion so that you could comfortably sit three (maybe even four) people without anyone falling through a crack. It’s perfect for entertaining, but also just long enough (for most people) to kick up their feet and stretch out.

We also elevated the sofa so that you can see all of the floor space underneath and the perimeter of the room. It feels lighter and provides a sense of openness, rather than a bigger, heftier sofa with a bulky base.
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