Performance Fabrics by Maharam

Vibrant, high-performaning and sustainably produced fabrics by the world renowned mill Maharam, founded in 1902. Each fabric is treated with a PFOA stain-resistant finish and boasts a 100K+ rubcount.

Performance Velvets

An edited set of lustrous, richly-textured velvets, pre-treated with a liquid-repellant, stain-resistant finish. These velvets offer a high rub count, yet incredibly soft hand, with the ability to endure.


Soft, supple leathers sourced exclusively from Italian tanneries - all full or semi-aniline.

Mixed Media

We’ve paired some of our favorite performance fabrics by Maharam with tonal leathers for a unique, yet understated look.

Specialty Fabrics

Our boldest selection of statement-making fabrics, ranging from classic houndstooth to contemporary floral prints.